Mitzi Bockmann, Certified Life Coach

Hey ladies!

Imagine how it would feel to be happy with your life, to have your children thriving, your relationship flourishing and a career that is soaring. I am a NYC based Certified Life Coach who offers personal life coaching for women. Working together, we can create the happiness that you crave in your life – even if your days are chaotic, jam-packed and exhausting.

Have your life dreams disappeared under a pile of laundry,
difficulties with your partner and mindless meetings at work?
Does every day suck you dry and keep you from
delivering your best to yourself and those you love?

Do you…
…want to be physically and mentally healthy, for yourself and your family?
…want a deeper connection with your partner?
….want to get more organized and be more productive?
…want a career that is doesn’t leave you depleted?
…want strong, nurturing friendships?
…want happy and well adjusted kids?

Then it’s time to….
…take a good look at all the areas of your life.
…define what is serving you and what is not.
…make a plan to fix what isn’t working.
…to take the next steps towards your goals
…start living the life that you have always dreamed of and build healthier relationships as a result.

Luckily, here I am...
…to support you in taking stock of your life.
…to guide you in designing a plan to reach your dreams.
…to hold you accountable each step of the way
…to help you have a better relationship, happy and healthy kids, friends who appreciate you and a job you love.

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How I Help You Reach Your Dreams


I believe that if we live the life of our dreams it will have a positive effect on everyone around us. All it takes is a little awareness and a willingness to take action. I am a personal relationship, parenting, and career life coach for women. Let me help you change your life NOW! Here’s the process …

  • We talk, via phone or Skype, and get to know each other, share a few womenhood stories, so that we can work together in a meaningful way.
  • You complete a personal assessment so that we can both get a clear picture of what your life looks like.
  • We choose an area of your life to start with and we make an action plan to make that dream come true.
  • We meet regularly and begin to implement a personalized plan so you can start realizing your dream.

Let’s get started with a FREE session! Contact me and we can get you on your way to the life you have always wanted.

Success Stories

I had always been stuck in a cycle of never getting anything done. I had a list but I could never follow through. Mitzi has a style that means she is a natural at supporting others in their process. We would talk on the phone weekly and prioritize what I needed to do and why I needed to do it. She didn’t take it over and do it for me but taught me how to do it myself…

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…And then she held me accountable for doing what I said I would do. She is amazingly organized, focused and goal oriented and she helped me focus and get from point A to point B when I got distracted and stuck. Now I know how to get things off my list and completed in the time frame I need it to happen. My husband is THRILLED!


I was going through a divorce and was absolutely devastated and worried about what to do next. Mitzi was a dedicated and empathetic listener, exactly what I needed at the time. We broke down the areas of my life that I needed to focus on and we made a step-by-step plan for what I needed to do for each area. She was supportive, intuitive, compassionate and…

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…not afraid to tell it how it is. And she is super organized. And able to leap buildings in a single bound. I have moved forward after my divorce in a positive way and I credit her with helping me get through it.


I have been having a difficult time with my son. I turned to Mitzi for guidance. Together we created a plan to keep me healthy so that I could be calm and present as I supported my son. Mitzi is an intuitive and empathetic listener. She is able to be completely present when a person needs help, support, advice, guidance, a laugh or encouragement. She has a…

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…proven track record as the person to turn to in a crisis and she calls the shots as she sees them in order to help others work through difficulties and find solutions and reach their dreams. My son is still struggling but I am now way more equipped to deal with it.


Get Started NOW with a FREE Let Your Dreams Begin Session

Do you want to greet each day living your dream? Do you want to improve the lives of those around you? I will help you get started with a 1-on-1 personal coaching session, free of charge, where we will have a woman to woman talk. We will start to….

identify where you are now in your life.
…define where you want to go with your dreams.
…get excited about how we will get you there. Fast.

To take advantage of this special 45-minute call, free of charge, and get you on a path to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled you, fill out the form on the right. There are only 3 appointments available each week. My staff will get back to you within 2 business days to make your appointment or add you to the waiting list!

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Mitzi Bockmann, Certified Life Coach, with her family

About Mitzi Bockmann

I truly believe that a woman’s happiness affects not only herself but all those around her: her partner, her kids, her friends, her co-workers.

I believe that if a woman is living the life of her dreams, her life is peaceful, purposeful, and powerful. Her relationships will be happier, her children better adjusted, her friendships stronger, and her work more successful. It is with this belief that I started coaching. Together, we work to identify your dreams and then make a plan to reach out and grab hold of them.

I am a New York City-based Certified Life Coach with 51 years experience as a woman and 10 years as a working life coach. I am certified through the Coach Training Alliance and I am a member of the International Coach Federation.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women like you who recognized that they needed to make serious change in their lives. These women have succeeded at, among other things, restoring the love in their relationships, finding more meaningful work, getting themselves organized and more productive and making time for themselves in their busy lives.

I love where I am emotionally and physically and have a career that is flourishing and makes my heart sing.  I have two very tall, red-headed children who are both off at college and who I couldn’t be more proud of. I have lived all over the world and been around the block a few times!

I would love to work with YOU, to help your dreams come to fruition, to better your life and that of those around you.

Reach out to me TODAY by clicking this link or email me at and we will start you on your journey to make your dreams come true.